Tools/Frameworks Supported By NCrunch

Name NCrunch V1(legacy version) NCrunch V2(latest version) Notes
Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2008 yes yes The corner status spinner and coverage marker customisations are not supported under VS2008.
Visual Studio 2010 yes yes
Visual Studio 2012 yes yes
Visual Studio 2013 yes yes
Visual Studio 2015 no yes
Visual Studio Express(all versions) no no Visual Studio Express does not support 3rd party VS packages such as NCrunch
Core Frameworks
.NET Framework v1.1 no no No planned support
.NET Framework v2.0 yes yes
.NET Framework v3.5 yes yes
.NET Framework v4.0 yes yes
.NET Framework v4.5 yes yes
.NET Framework v4.5.1 no yes
.NET Framework v4.5.3 no yes
Windows Store Apps no yes Supported from NCrunch V2 onwards with full app sandboxing
Windows Phone Apps partial partial Projects will build, but the Windows Phone environment is not emulated by NCrunch, so tests requiring emulation will fail to run.
Silverlight(all versions) partial partial Projects will build, but SL based test environments are not supported. Code can be tested via project references from non-SL test projects
Azure Projects no no Azure projects are currently not supported by NCrunch.
C# yes yes
VB.NET yes yes
F# yes yes
C++(CLR and Native) no no Many projects will build, but code coverage and C++ based testing frameworks are not supported
Testing Frameworks
NUnit yes yes
MS Test yes yes
Xunit yes yes
MSpec yes yes
MbUnit yes yes
SpecFlow yes yes Supported through MSTest/NUnit/xUnit integration (SpecRun currently not supported)
Mocking Frameworks
Non-profiler based frameworks(i.e. Moq, RhinoMocks, etc) yes yes
TypeMock Isolator yes yes Early versions of Isolator 7 have reported issues with NCrunch. Ensure you use the latest version
Telerik JustMock yes yes
Microsoft Moles no no Moles requires a proprietary profiler to be loaded which is not supported by NCrunch. Future support is not planned in NCrunch because Microsoft Fakes is expected to replace Moles
Microsoft Fakes no yes Supported from NCrunch V2 onwards

Due to the abstractions inherent in its integration, NCrunch supports many frameworks and tools. For brevity, many of these have not been listed. Some frameworks and configurations may require additional NCrunch configuration in order to work as expected. For more information, please refer to the product documentation.