We provide different types of support depending upon your needs. To help us with solving your problem quickly, please choose one of the following options:

Product Documentation - The NCrunch product documentation not only describes how the product works and how best to use it, but it is also the first place to look for help with troubleshooting any problems you are experiencing with the product. Common problems and solutions will be added to the documentation as they become known.

Please help us help you by reading the documentation before posting in the support forum or contacting us directly.

Support Forum - The NCrunch Support Forum is the best place to share the details of any problems you are experiencing with the product. By posting your request in the forum, you allow us to help others as well as yourself, and you create an opportunity for other users to help you.

This is by far the fastest way to get answers to important questions or to get help with troubleshooting problems that are not covered by the documentation.

Feature Requests - We use uservoice to help organise and prioritise NCrunch feature requests.

Do you have an idea for a great new feature? Is there a framework or toolset you use that you'd like to see NCrunch support? Let us know!

Contact Us - (requires account/login) For help with licensing issues and for dealing with problems that require confidentiality, you can also contact us directly. Note that posting in the support forum will help us to provide you with a faster response.

Please only contact us directly for issues that cannot be posted in the forum.