Named User License

Named User Licenses are intended for developers who wish to purchase an NCrunch license for their own personal or professional use.

This license cannot be purchased by a company. It is intended for use by individuals only and is issued under the name of a developer.

A Named User License can be used by the named developer on multiple computers, though the license should not be used to run tests on multiple computers at the same time (i.e. concurrent use), grid nodes excluded.

Use of a Named User License by anyone other than the named user is not permitted under the terms of this license.


Company Seat License

Company Seat Licenses are available for purchase by companies intending to use NCrunch for their business purposes.

When a business purchases NCrunch licenses, they must purchase a Company Seat License for each developer in their company that uses NCrunch. This means that if a company has 30 software developers using NCrunch, they must purchase 30 company seat licenses.

Company Seat Licenses are issued as unique keys under the name of the purchasing company. Each developer in the company should use a single unique key. It is not permitted under the terms of this license for multiple developers to use the same key at the same time.

Because the Company Seat License keys are issued under the name of the company and not individual developers within the company, they can be transferred inside the company. For example, if a developer leaves the company, the license key will stay with the company and may be used by a new hire.


NCrunch Pricing

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Named User

A single user license, just for you.
Not for companies! More...


Includes 1 year of updates.
$79/year for updates after that.

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Company Seat

Issued to a company, one license required per developer. More...


Includes 1 year of updates.
$144/year for updates after that.

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* Prices are in USD and are exclusive of local taxes (VAT, GST, etc) that may be levied depending upon your location

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NCrunch is yours to keep

Your license will keep working after 1 year, but only for the versions of NCrunch released before the end of your update period. You can renew at any time after this period to get another year of updates and we won't charge you for the lapsed time. Easy!

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Licensing FAQ

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I am a software reseller. Can I purchase licenses for my customers?

We don’t have any discounts or schemes that are specific to resellers, but you are very welcome to purchase licenses on behalf of your customer. All license purchases and quotes are handled through this website, so there is no need to contact us directly to obtain a quote for your customer.

Licenses are delivered digitally in the form of key-codes. You can find the license wording here. The resellers used by this website accept all major forms of payment (including wire transfer, paypal and credit card). Licenses are typically delivered immediately on receipt of payment, so we recommend purchasing with a credit card if the licenses are required urgently.

When purchasing a license, please do so by requesting a reseller quote from us.

Any license keys associated with the quote generated from the above link will be tied to the name of your customer instead of the name of your company. As the licenses are coded to only work for the user they are purchased for, it is important to follow this process.

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I am a student / Microsoft MVP / non-profit / open source / academic user, can I receive special licensing or a discount?

Unfortunately, as we are only a small business, we cannot bear the expense of administering discount or free licensing tiers for specific types of users. We are sorry but we cannot provide discounts or free licensing in these situations.

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I didn't upgrade my license when its maintenance period expired. How will this affect my licensing?

All this means is that you won't be able to use new versions of the product released after your maintenance period has expired. Note that this applies to both major and minor versions of the product. You can continue to use all older versions that were released within the maintenance period for your license.

If you later choose to upgrade your old license, you will receive a full new 12 months of maintenance after your new purchase. We won't back date your upgrade to the date of your last license expiry, and we won't charge you extra for the lapse between licenses. This means you are totally in control of when you want to upgrade, and you don't need to upgrade unless you see a new feature that you like.

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What are your payment terms? Do you provide credit?

We provide licenses immediately as soon as funds are received (no credit). For this reason, we usually recommend purchasing using a credit card or paypal, as this allows the licenses to be issued within minutes.

If you are operating in an organisation with highly structured accounting and can only make payment through bank transfer, we can sometimes provide temporary licensing where loss of product usage would cause unnecessary damage to your productivity.

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Do you provide bulk/volume discounts or site licenses?

As a small business, we do our best to offer fair licensing for all users. While we recognise that bigger customers do have more negotiating power, the value of the product is in no way reduced when purchased in greater quantities. Tiered pricing models also have a way of pushing higher costs onto individuals and businesses that lack the size or bargaining power to gain access to the higher tiers.

It is for the above reason and in the interests of pricing simplicity that we do not offer bulk/volume discounts or site licenses for our software. A benefit of this is that there is no need to make bulk purchases of licenses. It is possible to scale up your usage of the product according to how valuable you find it in your organisation.

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I have a work laptop and a desktop. Can I use NCrunch on both machines with one license?

Yes! NCrunch is licensed per user, not per machine. This means you can install it on as many machines as you like, provided you are the only person that uses the license. This applies to both Company Seat Licenses and Named User Licenses alike.

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My company requires you to sign an agreement before they can purchase licenses. Can you help with this?

Unfortunately, we do not offer tailored license agreements to our customers. Although we realise that signing agreements is a prerequisite for doing business with many larger organisations, the legal and administrative costs involved with entering into such agreements are not something that we are able to bear.

NCrunch is licensed strictly and exclusively under the terms of the product's EULA.

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My company has bought a Company Seat License for me to use in the office. Can I also use this license at home?

Usually yes, but this decision can only be made by your employer. The Company Seat License is owned by your employer and should be considered a tool to help you in your work for them. If your employer allows you to use the license on your machine at home, then there is nothing in the NCrunch license agreement that would prevent this.

Note that if the license is used at home, you should assure your employer that you will remove it from the home machine if you ever leave the company or the license is assigned to someone else.

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If I buy a Named User License for myself, can I also use this at the company I work for?

Yes! A Named User License is yours to use as you wish. You can use it at work if you like, or to do work for other customers. The primary condition of this license is that you are the only person allowed to use it.

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I am a contractor/consultant and I own/operate a business for this. Which license type should I purchase?

You have the luxury of being able to choose which license you prefer.

Usually, the best license for your position would be the Named User License. In this way, the license is assigned to you individually and you can continue to use it if you ever shut down the company. However, a condition is that the license cannot be purchased under the name of your company, so you cannot buy it using your company credit card. This may have implications for how you can claim the expense of the license in your accounts.

Buying a Company Seat License will give you the flexibility to assign the license to someone else working in your company. For example, you may choose to grow the business and take on additional staff. A Company Seat License could then be assigned to someone else in the business without any additional expense. Company Seat Licenses can also be purchased directly by the business and claimed for as business expenses.

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I bought a license but NCrunch won't accept it. What's wrong?

The most common case for the software rejecting a license is because the license user name has been entered incorrectly. When the licenses are generated, they are algorithmically tied to the name of the licensed user/company. As customers do not always keep a record of which name they entered when buying the license, we will always provide this name with the licenses themselves. Make sure you enter the name exactly as it is shown when your license details were provided to you. Copy/pasting is usually a good idea.

Another common reason for NCrunch rejecting a license is because the license may have been issued more than 12 months before the build date of the version you are using. Usually, the license window will explain this with a message. If this is indeed the case, you can choose to either purchase an upgrade license, or download an older version of the product that will work with your license. The NCrunch download page allows you to download all versions of NCrunch released since late 2012.

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