Changes in v1.42

Implemented commercial licensing and evaluation features.

Added four new global configuration options to control the background/foreground colors for NCrunch tool windows.
The icons within the tool windows have also been adjusted to provide better visibility for darker backgrounds.
These changes should allow NCrunch to be configured for limited alignment with the new Visual Studio dark scheme.

Introduced a new project-level configuration option, 'Use build platform'. This option can be used to inject
an alternative $(Platform) build property value into NCrunch builds, allowing NCrunch to be configured in a
manner that would emulate Visual Studio build behaviour without needing to modify $(Platform) default values in
.proj files manually.

Fixed a reference resolution issue that was preventing many portable class libraries (i.e. silverlight/metro
libraries) from building in VS 2012.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Xunit adapter to fail to find static Xunit tests. This was causing serious
problems for people using NCrunch with F# and Xunit.

Fixed an issue where attempting to change the 'Additional files to include' configuration setting on a new
project could cause error messages to appear and the action to fail.

Fixed an issue where the 'Show Covering Tests' command hotkey wasn't working at all.

Made the 'Additional files to include' configuration dialog resizeable.

Fixed a race condition that could cause VS to deadlock on exit.

Introduced build support for Silverlight RIA services links.

Fixed a race condition that could cause the engine to stall when high priority tests were queued.

Fixed an issue that made it possible to accidentally drag the test coverage popup window columns off their window,
making them inaccessible without a restart of Visual Studio.

Added 'Midl' files to the list of files to be automatically detected by NCrunch and copied to the NCrunch workspace.

Upgraded NCrunch's NUnit support to 2.6.1.

Fixed an issue that could cause the Tests Window to show no data when certain configurations of warnings existed
for multiple projects under the same name.

Added a message to the bottom of tests that return an inconclusive result, declaring that the result from the test
was inconclusive.

Renamed the 'NCrunch Output' Visual Studio Output pane to 'NCrunch Diagnostic Output', as the former name was
leading people to believe this was a primary output window for NCrunch.