Changes in v1.48

Fixed a compatibility issue where some projects were refusing to build in VS2013.

Fixed an issue that could cause code coverage synchronisation issues under certain situations.

Fixed an issue where updating assembly references for a project could cause engine destabilisation,
resulting in build errors and copying of referenced assemblies to the disk's root directory.

Fixed a memory leak.

Updated the packaged version of xunit to 1.9.2.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch would show the license dialog multiple times when switching solutions
with an expired license.

Fixed an issue where TypeScript compile errors were being reported from files in the workspace,
where they should be reported from files in the foreground solution.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch would be unable to re-sign built assemblies on some systems.

Fixed an issue where some MSpec tests were being reported with a missing line of coverage.

Fixed an issue where existing binding redirections in test project .config files could interfere
with NCrunch's test environment.