Changes in v2.13

Fixed windows store app package identities not being correctly created when the NCrunch engine is hosted outside
the IDE.

Fixed an issue that required the NCrunch engine to be restarted to apply a Test Filter config option change.

Fixed an issue that was causing grid node services to fail to recycle/restart on demand.

Adjusted the naming/namespacing of Mono.Cecil to avoid assembly and type clashes with other toolsets loaded into
the build environment.

Fixed an issue where Gallio was attempting to read debug metadata that had previously been written by NCrunch
using older conventions. This was causing exceptions to be thrown during the build of some projects.

Fixed an issue where the expansion and selection state of rows in the UI was not being preserved when windows
were closed.

Removed edit and continue debug metadata from instrumented assemblies, as this isn't required by NCrunch and
seems to cause compatibility problems in some environments.

Adjusted the handling of the 'Files excluded from auto build' setting so that files affected by this setting
can no longer trigger test execution runs. This also resolves an issue where frequent changes to excluded files
could trigger rapid state changes within the engine, degrading performance in the UI.