Changes in v2.14

Introduced code navigation ("Go-to") options. This allows easy navigation via shortcut key to tests,
build failures and test exceptions. All shortcuts can be found in the "Go to" NCrunch VS submenu.

Updated XUnit V2 integration to the RTM.

Fixed several issues in XUnit V2 integration that were preventing some extensions from working correctly.

Fixed an XUnit V2 integration problem that could cause theory results to be misreported.

Adjusted the rendering code of the Distributed Processing Window to improve performance.

Fixed an issue where exceptions thrown on background threads during testing were not causing tests to fail
for XUnit and MSpec tests.

Fixed an issue where the grouping structure of the Tests Window was not being correctly saved between sessions.

Added a new test count summary which is shown in brackets next to parent nodes inside the Tests Window.

Introduced a new toolbar option to the Metrics Window that allows you to tell NCrunch to ignore test
projects when calculating metrics.

Introduced a new state image for projects in the Metrics Window that can differentiate test projects from
non-test projects.

Fixed an issue that was preventing NCrunch from correctly pipelining tests which have experienced changes
in their RequiredCapabilities or Test Filter pass/fail result.

Adjusted the handling of debugger test tasks so that these are now exempt from the local client Test Filter.
This is because Test Filters make no sense in this situation, as debug tasks can only be run on the local
machine and will simply hang in the queue if they are excluded using a Test Filter.