Changes in v2.25

No changes have been made to the grid protocol in this version. v2.25 is compatible with v2.24 grid nodes.

Added support for .NET 4.6.2.

Fixed 'Files excluded from auto build' setting not being correctly applied to file changes made outside the IDE
(through the file system).

Fixed test filter builder not rendering correctly under DPI scaling.

Extended the search paths for sn.exe for better compatibility with Windows 10.

Introduced a workaround to an MSBuild API limitation that was preventing built-in MSBuild properties from being
successfully evaluated during project load when these values were being passed into static methods via MSBuild
expressions. This should improve NCrunch's compatibility with customised projects.

Fixed an issue that was preventing uncovered lines of code from being rendered in the UI on source files that
were shared between projects.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch would throw an exception during the instrumentation of assemblies containing PDB
references to non-existent source lines. NCrunch will now ignore these lines and will not instrument them.

Fixed an issue that could cause exceptions to be thrown during builds if a project had two or more resource
files being copied to the same output location (this bug was introduced in v2.24).