Changes in v3.16

This version of NCrunch is compatible with grid node servers from v3.15, v3.14 and v3.13.
Older grid nodes must be updated before they can be used with this version.

Release notes for since version v3.15.0.6

Added support for version 4.7.2 of the .NET Framework.

Fixed an issue with uninstalling NCrunch. After the uninstallation Visual Studio would throw an error.

Adjusted the negotiation of project references in multi-targeted scenarios for better alignment with
Visual Studio and MSBuild.

NCrunch will now automatically install on up to 3 installed Visual Studio 2017 instances.

Fixed a race condition that could cause the console tool to finish the run without any tests being
executed sometimes when working in grid-only mode.

Removed the EngineModeSwitchedInUIEvent log traces, as these were dangerously misleading when using
the console tool and would lead people to think the console tool was using engine modes that it wasn't.

Added a clear log message to show which engine mode is being used by the console tool.

Adjusted the console tool settings dump so that this is performed AFTER the console tool has adopted
the expected engine mode for the run. Previously, this was happening too early and wasn't catching
settings overridden in the specified engine mode.

Improved the console tool settings dump so that this will now enumerate setting array values and include
these in the dump.

Fixed a problem with the console tool exit status where a previously failed test which is ignored in the
next run results in an exit status of TestFailure.

Fixed the rendering of hyperlinks in the test output pane. This was visible when Windows was using HighDPI
rendering and NCrunch was showing a warning link.