Changes in v3.17

This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol. This means that grid node servers
must be updated before they can be used with the new version.


Made it possible to remove your license from your computer in the NCrunch => License Details window.

The buttons on the toolbar in the NCrunch Tests window can now be dragged while holding the ALT key. The new order is persisted. We are
still making changes to this functionality and the end result will likely be quite different, so please don't get attached to it yet!

Future upgrades of the Grid Node Server will not overwrite the user account which the service was configured with prior to updating.


Implemented a fix to resolve initialisation problems when working with projects of future framework versions referencing netstandard
projects. This should resolve initialisation problems on solutions where netcoreapp2.1 is being targeted.

Adjusted the handling of the test pipeline to better deal with scenarios where filters are configured with expensive regular expressions.
This will reduce the number of times a test is evaluated against the filter before being placed in the test pipeline, improving performance
in certain scenarios.

Fixed an issue where a client machine could fail to keep an active connection to a grid node if it was overloaded at the time the
connection was initialised. This could cause unexpected disconnections during initialisation of NCrunch or during console tool runs.

Updated the NCrunch bug reporter to make it GDPR compliant.

Changed the NCrunch spinner integration with Visual Studio to try and have the spinner aligned to the right of the status bar

Added the number of tests that have passed, failed or didn't run to the full HTML results report

Fixed a screen flickering issue with the Execution Steps tab when the Track engine performance option is set.

Improved how NUnit3 TestCases are represented on cases with escape characters.

Adjusted the handling of NCrunch trace information inside the IDE to reduce memory traffic and improve performance.

Adjusted the build system so that when running on a grid node, the NuGet props file is rewritten to point to the correct NuGet package
root directory on the grid node. This should resolve compatibility problems when using distributed processing with toolsets that make
use of the build properties inside this file (such as PostSharp).

NCrunch will now automatically include global.json files in project workspaces if these are detected in any path above the project directory.

Fixed an issue where the console tool was ignoring any 'Log Verbosity' setting declared in a settings file.

Fixed an issue where overriding settings via the console tool's command line wouldn't work if the overrides were placed after other switch
(/) parameters.