Changes in v3.2

See!.aspx for more information on big new features in V3.

Added extra summary trace messages to NCrunch's message output that detail the time taken to initialise NCrunch inside the VS Package
and automation bootstrap processes. This should help with diagnosing high startup times where these are reported by VS2017.

Fixed a resource leak in the test execution task runner caused by file system monitoring.

Fixed an issue where the HiddenWarnings setting was being incorrectly ported into the V3 configuration system as a component warning
in the global settings file. This would cause the engine to kick up an error in the Tests Window when it was later enabled.

Fixed VS2017 installer sometimes installing to the wrong directory.

Introduced a speculative fix to solve MSBuild config file locking problems when using multiple instances of VS2017.

Added a binding redirection for all NUnit v2 test projects to point to NUnit v2.6.3. This should resolve compatibility issues with
NUnit plugins (such as FsCheck) that are built against a specific version of NUnit.