Changes in v3.25

Release notes for since version v3.24.0.5

Fixed an issue with upgrading the extension for Visual Studio 2019. Please uninstall the previous version
of NCrunch for Visual Studio 2019 first, there might be more than one.

Implemented a speculative fix for NullReferenceExceptions sometimes thrown on grid nodes.

Improved the reporting of the initialisation time under Visual Studio 2019.

Added a tentative fix for the new Engine Mode switcher in the Tests Window. Sometimes this button didn't
initialise properly.

Fixed a problem where engine modes with different scopes but identical names were both selected in the
Engine Mode switcher in the Tests Window.

Changed how binding redirects are generated when building projects. The redirects are now retrieved directly
from the MSBuild directory from the version of Visual Studio being used. This should prevent any future
errors when Micorsoft changes the assembly redirects.

Fixed an issue when build tasks use System.Collections.Immutable. CodeSmith generators weren't working
because of this issue.

Fixed several issues with the new Windows 10 ability to dynamically set the display scaling.

Fixed several issues with dynamic display scaling under Visual Studio 2019.

Added a new context menu to the NCrunch corner icon. The menu is accessible by right clicking on the icon.
This menu is the same as the main menu. It's added for convenience when using Visual Studio 2019. Visual
Studio 2019 moves the main NCrunch menu under an Extensions menu.

Fixed a problem with the customise engine mode dialog when another application steals focus.

Added a speculative fix for the Tests Window toolbar sometimes having disappearing buttons

Improved how NCrunch is loaded under Visual Studio 2019

Added support for the new Visual Studio 2019 Blue theme

Fixed a problem with building projects under Visual Studio 2019 when the build task referenced certain