Changes in v3.26

Release notes for since version v3.25.0.3

Fixed an issue where Specflow feature files were not being detected by NCrunch when working
with newer project types.

Moved the Status Window to the left of the corner popup when it is visible.

Placed the MSBuild sandbox under the workspace directory so its location can be configured
via the Workspace base path configuration setting.

Added support for MS Fakes under Visual Studio 2019

The engine mode customisation dialog will now automatically select a newly created engine
mode and focus on the name box.

Added a first use notification with instructions on how to open NCrunch, this will facilitate
discovery of the plugin under Visual Studio 2019.

Overhauled the look of the popup windows, they are now themed, will move with the window and
visual linked to the NCrunch icon.

Changed how NCrunch initialises under Visual Studio 2019.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch would bug out when trying to process MSTest DataRow tests using
zero-length char arrays.

Bound the new corner context menu to the colour scheme.

Made the detection of Visual Studio colour theme changes more robust

Fixed an issue where the NCrunch console tool was trying to use versions of VS that were not

We now show the Status Icon before opening the first solution. This will improve the
visibility of NCrunch under Visual Studio 2019.

Added an indicator at our top level menu that will show when NCrunch isn't loaded yet by
Visual Studio 2019.

Added a hint to the shortcuts on the Status Icon Window

Added a global shortcut with the keys ALT+U to open the new corner context menu under
Visual Studio 2019.