Changes in v3.27

Release notes for since version v3.26.0.4

This version of NCrunch is compatible with grid nodes running v3.26. If you are using grid nodes
older than v3.26, they must be updated before you can use them with this version.

Fixed an issue that was preventing parts of NCrunch from rendering under VS2019.16.3, particularly the
Tests Window output pane.

Added support for version 4.8 of the .NET Framework.

Added initial support for rendering on screens with different pixel densities

Added a new command-line switch (IgnoredFilteredTestsInRunFailureReporting) to the Console Tool to ignore
filtered tests when reporting ignored tests to TeamCity. This also affects the exit status determination,
filtered tests aren't included in determining the exit status of the run.

Removed the "Break into the first failing test" context menu when only one test is available.

Added support for quiet installations with the NCrunch for Visual Studio 2019 installer

Fixed an issue where the ASP.NET MVC test host integration was feeding assembly names into the framework
incorrectly for projects with an output file name different to their project name.