Changes in v3.28

Release notes for since version v3.27.0.3

This version of NCrunch is compatible with grid nodes running v3.26 and v3.27.
If you are using grid nodes older than v3.26, they must be updated before you can use them with this version.

Added the Time Line report from the Console Tool to the export menu under Visual Studio.

Fixed an issue that was causing the VS debugger to fail to resolve local variables when the source file made use of the 'using'
statement to alias a type in the file.

Added a progress bar to the Tests Window that will show what the current state of the tests is. This enables you to see more
quickly how many tests are failing / passing.

Improved moving the status icon to the right of the window after other extensions get loaded.

Fixed code navigation indexes not being restored correctly after session reset.

Fixed a theming issue with the StatusIcon.

Fixed an issue with the visibility of the Trace Output in the Tests window where not all the text was accessible via the

Fixed a rendering issue on the Exception Coverage popup and Message Tooltip with exception messages containing an ampersand.

Improved keyboard navigation on the exception coverage popup window.

Added Antlr4 project items to NCrunch's auto resolution list.