Changes in v3.29

Release notes for since version v3.28.0.6
This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol. This means that grid node servers
must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

Improved global ALT+U shortcut handling for Visual Studio 2019. This was causing problems with 'key sticking',
making the Submit Bug Report window pop up unexpectedly during the session. Contrary to what one would expect,
the bug report window has actually been appearing because of this UX bug, not because of internal problems
in the engine.

Added a warning when using the unsupported Microsoft.Net.Compilers Nuget package.

Improved the dependency resolver for netcore projects. netcoreapp2.0 projects that referenced multi-targeted
projects that targeted netcoreapp3.0 and netstandard2.0 would choose the incorrect target.

The new progress bar on the Tests Window now respects the colour scheme when it's not populated yet.

Stopped the coverage marker popup from flickering when it was updated while it is open.

Fixed an issue where trying to use NCrunch on a project with a minimal <Project> tag was causing NCrunch to
throw an exception.

Updated NCrunch's reference to the xunit.runner.utility package so that it now uses the latest version.

Fixed an issue where version clashes involving the xunit.runner.utility package could cause NCrunch to throw
exceptions when trying to discover Xunit tests.

Fixed an issue that could cause exceptions to be thrown during shutdown of the engine.

Fixed a range of UTF8 encoding issues that could cause malfunctions when using NCrunch with a user profile
containing non-ascii characters.