Changes in v4.16

Release notes for since version v4.15.0.4

Aligned NCrunch with the breaking changes introduced in MSTest v3 DataRow attributes. It should now be possible for NCrunch to discover MSTest v3 DataRow tests while using static analysis (which is the default option).

Added support for generic custom attributes (a new C# 11 feature)

Tasks shown on remote grid nodes now show the applicable user's name in addition to their IP address. This should help make it easier to establish who is making shared use of grid nodes, especially when source IP addresses are being obscured behind gateways.

Added the target framework for multi target components in the processing queue.

Adjusted the default path for NCrunch's cache storage directory so that this now starts with a period instead of an underscore. For example, '_NCrunch_Solution' will now be '.NCrunch_Solution'. Solutions using the old path will continue to use the old path unless this is manually renamed. This change has been made to prevent VS from automatically including the files from NCrunch's cache storage directory in projects that may be stored adjacent to the solution file.

Enabled the AppHost when building net 6 WinForms and WPF apps under NCrunch.

Adjusted the PathTooLong exception message so this gives more information on how to fix the problem.

Fixed an issue that could cause instrumented code to throw an exception if it was loaded into an NCrunch environment dynamically without appropriate project dependencies being expressed.

Fixed a race condition in the logging system that could destabilise the session in rare scenarios.

Fixed an internal synchronisation issue that could cause NCrunch to throw errors related to unstable test generation in very rare situations.

Fixed a problem when specifying a target framework moniker with a platform but without a minor version indicator.

Adjusted internal instrumentation data referencing to provide more stable behaviour in situations where grid node build status falls out of sync with the local client.

Fixed NCrunch failing to initialise when working with projects that contain duplicated target frameworks (even when sensible build conditions are applied to them).

Fixed an issue where chains of implicit and explicit project references were not being correctly resolved.

Fixed several UI stability problems caused by the renaming of source files in the IDE.

Fixed an issue where placing the project and solution in the same directory under NCrunch could cause build loops as NCrunch would trigger on changes made to the files in the '.vs' directory.