Changes in v4.3

Release notes for since version v4.2.0.7

This version of NCrunch introduces changes to the grid protocol. This means that grid node servers
must be updated before they can be used with the new version.

Fixed *.Views.dll not being copied between workspaces under mvc applications.

Fixed an issue that could cause code to throw InvalidProgramExceptions when using NCrunch under optimised mode with
constructors calling base class constructors that use nullable types.

Fixed a problem when netcore 3.1 WPF test projects had UseWPF defined in the project file. This was causing issues
with assembly resolution, often resulting in IPC exceptions when trying to run tests.

Restructured the runtime dependency resolution system under .NET Core to improve reliability and resolve a range of
issues that have surfaced since the v4 release.

Fixed an issue that could cause NCrunch to fail to read assemblies with a specific structure, and/or corrupt assemblies
with a very specific number of internal items under optimised mode.

Fixed an issue that could cause debug evaluation issues under optimised mode when working with assemblies of a specific
size (fairly large).

Updated the in-app documentation for the pre/post build event settings to make it clear that these settings do not
control pre/post build events attached to custom targets declared in the build system.

Fixed the CTRL+m, b key bind for the under cursor short cut "Break into first covering test".

Improved compatibility with MSTest DynamicData attributes, source methods can now be private.

Fixed a problem when loading multi targeted projects where one target has a transitive framework reference and the other
does not.

Fixed an issue with loading assemblies when Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App was directly referenced via a FrameworkReference
in the project file.