Changes in v4.6

Release notes for since version v4.5.0.3

This release should be compatible with grid servers running NCrunch v4.5 and
above. However, we do recommend upgrading grid servers to v4.6 for best

Fixed an issue that would cause InvalidProgramExceptions when using NCrunch on
.NET5 projects making use of 'init' property initializers.

Set the 'Instrumentation Mode' so this will now perform Optimised instrumentation
when the default option is selected. Soon, this setting will be removed and
all instrumentation will be optimised (no legacy option).

Added support for Microsoft Fakes with SDK style projects under VS 16.8.

Adjusted the NCrunch raw results export file so that this now includes the
ignored status of child tests.

Fixed an issue that was causing NCrunch to throw exceptions when trying to
run Gallio based tests on grid nodes or the console tool under optimised
instrumentation mode.

Fixed an issue that could cause NullReferenceExceptions sometimes when using
the NCrunch console tool on certain projects.

Fixed a problem resolving the correct dependency when referencing a multitargeted
project from a net5.0 project.

Fixed an issue where inheriting tests between assemblies would cause
identification/stability issues under MSTest.

Implemented a speculative fix to try and resolve an issue where NCrunch was
rejecting assemblies processed by Postsharp.