Changes in v5.4

Release notes for since version v5.3.0.2

Improved Rider HighDPI handling

Changed the Rider markers once more so we still show the hammer / lightbulb and align properly.

Changed the priority of the NCrunch coverage markers under Rider, when a line is highlighted the Rider lightbulb / hammer will not show above the marker. This however makes the light bulb / hammer inaccessible via the gutter.

Added our logo to the Rider plugin.

Fixed a range of issues in RDI's handling of Async/await methods which could cause the frame to be intermittently collected in an incoherent state and be rendered unreadable.

Improved the rendering of our tab controls so that when a resize happens under Rider it happens more smoothly.

Improved settings storage for our window layout so the disk isn't hit as often.

Improved rider toolwindow responding to DPI scale changes and visibility changes.

Added the Rider version number to our startup log statement.

Added support for split editors under Rider. This should prevent markers from disappearing when split editors are used.

Fixed NCrunch not properly collecting error information when background exceptions were thrown in test processes under .NET Core and .NET5+. This would result in test processes being torn down with an obscure error that didn't describe why the process was suddenly gone.

Made adjustments to RDI instrumentation to reduce interference with the debugger.

Adjusted the framework targeting for certain versions of .NET7 to prevent missing version errors when starting test processes on systems with inconsistent SDK install states.

Fixed an issue where NCrunch was not properly respecting the ReferenceOutputAssembly="false" flag on project based analyzer references. This could cause NCrunch to reference the analyzer using an AssemblyReference tag during build when it shouldn't be.

Rider: Fixed 'Additional Files To Include' setting dialog not working

Rider: Fixed the placement of the corner status popup when the main IDE is on a non primary window with a different scaling factor.

Fixed Rider markers being clipped in width when using round markers and HighDPI screens

Fixed detaching from the debugger under Rider throwing an exception.

Fixed a problem under Rider where project changes weren't always detected, for instance moving a class to its own file.

Rider: Implemented a speculative fix for when a toolwindow has been moved before it was fully embedded.

Rider: Fixed an exception that could be thrown while attaching a debugger to a test run.

Rider: Improved handling of HighDPI scaling, there are still edge case where things don't work properly