Company Information

NCrunch is a product of Remco Software Ltd, a small and customer focused software company based in West Auckland, New Zealand.

Originally formed as a consulting company, Remco Software now develops and markets NCrunch for Visual Studio, a powerful concurrent testing tool to help developers produce quality software through efficient automated testing.


The owner and operator of Remco Software, Remco Mulder, has held an active interest in code and software for over 20 years. Remco has spent the last decade actively consulting through the business of software, with these years spent developing products and solutions for many enterprise and small business customers. Remco has a deep understanding of how to drive and accelerate the software development process, with a focus on agility and quality.

You can contact Remco here.

Mailing Address

Remco Software Ltd
115 Gardner Ave
New Lynn
Auckland 0600
New Zealand