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Ignored Tests

As not all tests will support NCrunch at first instance, NCrunch has built-in support for ignoring specific tests without needing to introduce changes to your codebase.

This feature is easily accessible via a toolbar button and context menu in the tests window. Tests ignored using this function will be switched off for NCrunch only (not other test runners), without any code changes.

Tests can be ignored at any level: Project, fixture or method. Internally NCrunch uses wildcard matching to identify ignored tests and thus newly created tests can begin their life as ignored if they match any of the existing wildcards (for example, if their parent fixture is already ignored).

Ignoring tests at project level will not prevent a project from being built by NCrunch. For this functionality, refer to the Ignore this component completely configuration setting.

The expressions that identify ignored tests are normally stored in the .v3.ncrunchproject file stored adjacent to the relevant project file. Placing this file under source control will therefore share your list of ignored tests with other people working within your development team. This makes it possible for you to flag down tests that are unsafe for continuous testing without your teammates needing to worry about doing the same thing. If you don't want to share your ignored tests with your team, you can use the Share tests ignored by NCrunch configuration setting to change this behaviour.

It is possible to create custom engine modes that allow tests to be excluded from continuous execution based on very flexible criteria. This can often be used as a more desirable substitute for ignoring tests that are particularly large or resource intensive. Because ignored tests cannot be run manually with NCrunch, it is recommended you first investigate excluding tests from continuous execution before you ignore them.

Note that NCrunch's concept of an ignored test is entirely separate from tests ignored using framework-specific attributes (such as NUnit's IgnoredAttribute). Tests that have been physically ignored using framework-specific attributes will not be discovered at all by NCrunch - they are treated as though they do not exist.

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