V5 Documentation

Workspace Base Path

Global-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: \Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Local\NCrunch
ID/Tag in config file: WorkspaceBasePath


This configuration setting specifies a directory where NCrunch will store the workspaces it uses to build and test projects in isolation.

NCrunch will create sub-directories underneath the workspace base path to represent individual instances of your IDE. These subdirectories will then be filled with numbered directories that contain the individual workspaces.

When no value is specified for this setting, it will default to the \Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Local\NCrunch directory.


When working with solutions that contain long and heavily nested file structures, it can be useful to move the workspace base path closer to the root directory of your hard disk.

A very common way to improve NCrunch performance is to create a RAM disk and store the workspaces on this RAM disk. In doing so, all build and test activity performed by NCrunch will happen in memory.

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