V4 Documentation

Grid Maximum Reconnection Attempts

Global-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: 0 (VS client), 20 (Console tool)
ID/Tag in config file: GridMaxReconnectionAttempts
Introduced: v4.9


This setting defines the max number of times NCrunch will attempt to connect to a grid node before ceasing further connection attempts for the rest of the session.

When set to zero, there will be no limit to the number of connection attempts. This is the default setting value when working under Visual Studio. When using the NCrunch console tool, the default value for this setting is 20.


This setting exists to provide better handling for issues encountered with grid nodes used by the NCrunch console tool. Because the console tool will not terminate execution runs when both unexecuted tests and disconnected grid nodes exist, it is necessary to have a threshold after which the grid node is considered unreachable and is unable to run tests.

It is not necessary to use this setting when working in Visual Studio unless you are concerned about NCrunch sending out regular connection requests to disconnected grid nodes.

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