V4 Documentation

Use CPU Architecture

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: AutoDetect
ID/Tag in config file: UseCPUArchitecture


This configuration setting controls the CPU architecture that will be used for NCrunch test runner processes executing tests within the applicable project.

NCrunch will prefer to create test environments that are aligned with the target platform used for the project during its build process. Therefore, this setting has no effect unless the target platform for the project is set to 'AnyCPU'.

This setting is used only for the NCrunch test runner and has no impact on the target platform used by the build process. To change the target platform of a project, consider changing the project file or using the Use Build Platform configuration setting.


This setting can be used to force runtime platform consistency for projects that are set to build with a target platform of 'AnyCPU'.

As test runners have little consistency in the way that they choose processor architectures for their test environments, you may need to make use of this configuration setting to allow an existing test suite to function under the correct processor architecture with NCrunch.

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