V5 Documentation

Enable RDI

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Introduced NCrunch v5.0 Default Value: false (controlled by startup wizard)
ID/Tag in config file: EnableRDI


This setting controls whether NCrunch RDI is enabled for the associated project.

When this setting is disabled, NCrunch will not instrument the associated assembly for RDI data collection. RDI data is therefore not collected at test run time.

It is possible to disable RDI for only specific projects, allowing data to still be collected for other projects covered by tests.

The use of this setting overrides all inline directives and RDI attribute declarations. When RDI is disabled using this setting, the instrumentation required for data collection is not present and nothing can override this.


Usage of RDI requires the following additional settings to be enabled:


RDI is a useful feature and disabling it will turn off all NCrunch options related to inspecting runtime values and control flow, excluding general coverage information.

However, RDI can require significant system resources to operate and can cause tests to take much longer to execute.

Before disabling RDI, it is recommended to first try using EnableRdiAttribute to selectively disable RDI for problematic tests.

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