V5 Documentation

Pinned Tests

NCrunch supports the ability to 'pin' tests to the Tests Window.

Tests that are pinned will be visible in the test tree regardless of whether a filter is active or not. They can easily be identified with the pinhead showing next to their main status icon.

You can pin tests by using the toolbar button on the tests window, by right-clicking on a test in the tree, or using a keyboard shortcut. It's also possible to pin them using any of the other test related context menus - such as by right clicking on one of the coverage markers. This is very useful for when you want to keep an eye on tests that are covering a particular piece of code.

Because pinned tests are considered more 'interesting' by the NCrunch engine, they will be given a significant priority boost relative to other tests in the pipeline. This means that if you are operating in a solution with a large number of tests, you can pin the tests that are more relevant to the area of code you are working in - thus giving NCrunch more information with which to shorten feedback cycles.

It's also possible to set NCrunch so that it will only run pinned tests continuously, and the rest of the solution manually. This can be useful for solutions that do not support fully continuous testing.

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