V5 Documentation

Additional Files For Grid Processing

Solution-level NCrunch configuration setting
ID/Tag in config file: AdditionalFilesForGridProcessing


This setting allows you to specify bulk resources that must be copied to a grid node with the solution.

The files will be stored on the grid node with the rest of the solution snapshot. They will not be copied to the NCrunch workspaces on the node.

Files specified using this setting will not be automatically synchronised to the grid node when they are changed on the client.

This setting is only useful when using NCrunch's distributed processing features.


This setting exists to permit the copying of resource files that need to exist on a grid node, but are too bulky or too numerous to be replicated to the NCrunch workspaces using the additional files to include configuration setting.

Resources copied using this setting can be found at test run-time using the NCrunch.Framework.NCrunchEnvironment.GetOriginalSolutionPath method.

Note that the additional files to include setting is a much better approach for handling resource files used for builds and test execution. This is because the additional files to include setting follows correct convention in copying the resources into workspaces and preserving project atomicity.

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