V5 Documentation

String Length Limit

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Introduced NCrunch v5.0 Default Value: 256
ID/Tag in config file: StringLengthLimit


This setting controls the size of the RDI string length limit for the associated project.

The string length limit determines the maximum number of characters NCrunch RDI is allowed to collect for any string value. Strings that exceed the limit will be truncated in the log and only the specified number of characters will be visible in the RDI overlay.


The string length data limit is intended to exert control over tests that may be working with very large strings, particularly large generated blocks of text or when working with bulky text resources.

Internally, RDI implements systems to reduce the redundancy of string data in the log. When working efficiently, these systems somewhat alleviate the benefits of setting a low string length limit. However, these systems do not work efficiently for tests that perform extensive manipulation of large strings (i.e. concatenation, replace, etc). Finding the ideal string length limit for a codebase may require experimentation.

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