V5 Documentation

Auto-Detect NuGet Build Dependencies

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: True
ID/Tag in config file: AutoDetectNugetBuildDependencies


This setting control whether NCrunch should attempt to automatically include NuGet packages inside NCrunch workspaces where these packages contain custom build dependencies.

When enabled, NCrunch will search for references to build targets inside the NuGet packages directory during project load. Where a reference exists, NCrunch will consider the entire referenced package to be a part of the referencing project.


This setting greatly simplifies the configuration of NCrunch when working with NuGet packages that perform custom actions during project build. In most cases, the setting should be left enabled.

Sometimes NuGet packages can be particularly large, containing many binaries and other resources not required for the building of projects. Including such packages in NCrunch workspaces can be a significant source of workspace bloat, causing NCrunch to consume more disk space than otherwise necessary. If you wish to try and minimise disk space consumption by NCrunch, disabling this setting and choosing the required files manually using the additional files to include setting can be very worthwhile.

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