V4 Documentation

Snapshot Storage Directory

NCrunch Grid Node configuration setting Default Value: %SystemDrive%\NCrunch Grid Node\Snapshots
ID/Tag in config file: SnapshotStorageDirectory


This setting controls the directory on disk where the NCrunch Grid Node will store solution snapshots that have been replicated from grid clients.


It's important to set the snapshot storage directory to a disk that has plenty of space, as this will allow the grid node to store more snapshots, improving performance.

The disk containing the snapshot storage directory must have at least enough space to store the largest solution being processed by the grid node. Otherwise the grid node will issue connected clients with an error.

Setting this value to a directory on a RAM disk can marginally improve performance, but this means that snapshots stored on the node will be volatile and will need to be re-downloaded from grid clients after the grid node server reboots. For best performance, it is recommended to place the snapshot storage directory on a physical disk, and the workspace base path on a RAM disk.

NCrunch will routinely clear snapshots from the storage directory as required by the solution storage data limit. There is no need to manually remove snapshots from the storage directory.

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