V4 Documentation

Additional Files To Include

Solution-level NCrunch configuration setting
ID/Tag in config file: AdditionalFilesToIncludeForSolution


This configuration setting can be used to make NCrunch aware of files that need to be copied to workspaces built for any projects within the solution.

This setting allows you to specify files using wildcards, or including entire directory structures.

This is the solution-level equivalent of the project-level Additional files to include configuration option. Adding files and directories using this configuration setting is functionally equivalent to adding the files with the Additional files to include setting for each individual project within the solution.


This configuration setting can be used to let NCrunch know about files that are important for the build and/or testing of all projects within a solution. This makes it very useful for including build tools and other dependencies that NCrunch may have trouble identifying automatically when loading projects within the solution.

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