V5 Documentation

Collect Control Flow During Execution

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Introduced NCrunch v5.0 Default Value: true
ID/Tag in config file: CollectControlFlow


This setting controls whether NCrunch RDI should collect control flow data for code contained in the associated project.

When control flow data is not collected by NCrunch, the RDI overlay will not contain the inner set of markers indicating the execution flow through methods. Other data (such as values) are unaffected by this setting and can continue to be collected and displayed as normal.


Collection of RDI control flow requires the following additional settings to be enabled:


In most situations, this setting can be left at its default value. However, there are three reasons why it may be useful to disable this setting:

  • Performance: Collection of control flow requires heavier instrumentation, which will increase the CPU required by the code being executed. Frequently executed code is more likely to take noticeably longer when control flow data is being collected.
  • Data Storage Constraints: Collection of control flow significantly increases the amount of data captured by RDI. This results in increased disk space requirements. Disabling control flow collection can allow RDI to capture additional runtime data before RDI data limits are reached and collection is capped.
  • Complexity: The internal routines used by NCrunch to collect control flow are extremely complex. In the event of an internal problem or an unsupported use case, disabling control flow collection can provide a workaround that still allows RDI values to be collected.

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