V4 Documentation

Analyse Line Execution Times

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: True
ID/Tag in config file: AnalyseExecutionTimes


This setting controls whether NCrunch should conduct performance analysis of code at test runtime.

When set to true, NCrunch will add additional instrumentation to the project's output assembly allowing its performance to be analysed line-by-line.

When set to false, performance information for the project will not be shown inline by NCrunch, and hot spot markers will not show.


This configuration setting controls a major feature area of NCrunch, and therefore should be left on unless there is a good reason to switch it off.

Turning off performance analysis can result in faster test runs, as the instrumentation used by NCrunch to measure performance also adds weight to the code being executed.

When attempting to troubleshoot tests that perform poorly because of instrumentation, it may be worth considering code coverage suppression for performance critical regions of code instead of disabling this setting.

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