V4 Documentation

Marker Performance Display Sensitivity

Global-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: 100
ID/Tag in config file: MarkerPerformanceDisplaySensitivity


This configuration setting controls the saturation level of the hot spot performance markers that make up part of the code coverage shown inline by NCrunch.

When computing the saturation level of hot spots, NCrunch first needs to aggregate underlying performance data into a single scalar value. This aggregation function is controlled by the Marker performance aggregation type configuration setting.

The computed scalar value is then divided by the Marker performance display sensitivity to produce a percentage which determines the opacity of the hot spot marker.


Setting this configuration setting to a high value will cause hot spots to become less visible for faster performing lines of code. For example, a value of 1000 indicates that a hot spot will only show with 100% opacity when the performance metric for the respective line of code has a value of 1000ms or higher.


Use this setting to tune the hot spots in a way that can help you to find bottlenecks in your software quickly.

If your code consists of many lines of code that perform slowly, it may be worth increasing the value of this configuration setting so as to allow you to first target the slowest performing lines.

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