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License Server Unique ID


Under the terms of the NCrunch EULA, it is possible for a developer to use their NCrunch license on multiple machines, provided they are the only person using their license. To enable this, unlike many other software products, NCrunch will allocate license tokens to users rather than machines. This means each user must be uniquely identifiable to the NCrunch license server through their own ID.

When making use of a license server, it is required that each developer specifies their own unique ID in the license details window. In this way, the license server can identify them and allow them to make use of any license token already allocated to their ID.

Under NCrunch v2.15, the unique ID is referred to as a 'User Name' in the license details window. This was changed in v2.16.


The NCrunch license server will track concurrent use of unique IDs. If the same ID is used at the same time on more than one machine, the license server will remotely disable the NCrunch instance that has the earliest (oldest) connection time. Because of this, it is not possible to use the same unique ID between multiple users without frustration.

By always giving preference to the most recently connected NCrunch instance, this restriction should not create problems for users that may accidently leave NCrunch running on one machine and later enable the product on another (for example, if a developer left their work PC enabled and later logged in to work from home in the evening).

Overriding With User Login Name

From v2.17, the NCrunch license server has a setting that will force the user's login name to always be used as the unique ID, regardless of what the user specifies when connecting to the server. This creates a simplified scenario that can be useful on sites making use of Active Directory with unique login names. When this setting is enabled, the license server can only be used for NCrunch v2.17 clients and above (as prior versions of the client do not supply the necessary data).


It is strongly recommended to set a policy of assigning the 'My Unique ID' field for each user to be their company email address. In this way, the value is assured to be unique to each user. Because the unique ID is visible in the license server administration UI, setting it to an email address will also give a license administrator an easy way to contact a licensed user if there is a problem or their license needs to be reallocated.

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