V5 Documentation

Proxy Process File Path

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: (null)
ID/Tag in config file: ProxyProcessPath


This configuration setting allows you to specify the absolute file path of a .EXE that will wrap NCrunch's test runner, allowing extensibility of NCrunch's test environment via custom profiler.

The .EXE file referenced by this configuration setting must immediately launch the NCrunch task runner process, of which the path is supplied as the first parameter to the .EXE. All remaining parameters passed to the .EXE must be passed through to the NCrunch task runner process. When the NCrunch task runner process is terminated, the .EXE must also terminate.


This setting is designed for use of frameworks that rely on custom profilers to manipulate code at run-time - such as certain mocking frameworks.

As NCrunch is designed to automatically detect supported mocking frameworks that use profilers, you should not normally need to use this setting unless instructed to do so by the vendor of a 3rd party tool. This setting is designed for future support of tools that NCrunch is currently unaware of and will not automatically configure itself for.

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