V4 Documentation

Track File Dependencies

Project-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: true
ID/Tag in config file: TrackFileDependencies


Controls whether NCrunch should track files accessed by tests during their execution to identify resource dependencies. This behaviour is applicable to all tests contained in the project where the configuration setting is applied.


When this setting is enabled, NCrunch will introduce low level API hooks into the O/S during test execution to monitor access to the file system. Where accessed files correspond with non-source files included in NCrunch workspaces, tests will be considered as dependent on these files. If the files are changed in the foreground solution, NCrunch will consider the tests to be impacted.

There is no reason to disable this feature unless it is causing unexpected problems.


The API hooks used by NCrunch to identify accessed files are quite limited and may not catch all scenarios. This feature does not work for .NET Core.

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