V4 Documentation

NCrunch Cache Storage Path

Solution-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: '_SOLUTIONNAME_NCrunch' inside solution (.sln) directory
ID/Tag in config file: NCrunchCacheStoragePath


This setting controls where NCrunch should store cached data specific to a solution. The data stored includes test execution and build results, code coverage data and test trace output text.

The value specified for this setting must be a directory path relative to the solution directory (i.e. '..\..\MyCacheDir').

From NCrunch v2.20, this setting supports specifying environment variables (i.e. '%MyCacheRootDir%\MySolution')


Changing the cache storage path can be useful when working with toolsets that do not deal well with files constantly changing underneath the solution directory (such as the Microsoft Git Provider).

This setting is also very useful when configuring the NCrunch console tool to run on a build server.

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