V4 Documentation

Disable Global Hot Key

Global-level NCrunch configuration setting Default Value: false
ID/Tag in config file: DisableGlobalHotKey


This setting control whether NCrunch should attempt to trap the ALT+U shortcut and use this to open the global NCrunch menu. This setting only applies under VS2019 and above. Under prior versions of VS, this setting is not required as the NCrunch menu is already accessible using the built-in ALT+U shortcut.


In the release of VS2019, Microsoft introduced changes to the menu structure to prevent VS extensions from introducing a top-level menu item to the IDE. These changes have made it much harder to access the global NCrunch menu, especially via shortcut key. To reduce the impact on users accustomed to using the ALT+U shortcut to access NCrunch features, an event trap was introduced into NCrunch to force VS to open the NCrunch menu when ALT+U is used.


This setting is only worth deactivating if the ALT+U shortcut trap is creating stability problems in the IDE, or if the shortcut trap is creating problems for custom key bindings under VS.

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