V4 Documentation

Max Passing Test Trace Log Size

NCrunch Grid Node configuration setting Default Value: 50,000
ID/Tag in config file: MaxPassingTestTraceLogSize


This setting defines a limit for the amount of data that a grid node server is able to store and transfer from a passing executed test.

The data limit is defined in number of characters, and will restrict all text output from the test, including: Exception traces, console output and trace output.

Setting this value to 0 will disable the data limit, allowing transfer of text output of any size.


The trace log size limit exists to stop tests from overloading the network connection between the grid client and grid node. Because all data output from a grid node test run must be returned back to the grid client for reporting, a test that writes out vast amounts of text can cause serious performance problems that would not be noticeable when the test is executed locally on the grid client.

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